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We are Kappture

Founded in 2012 by hospitality industry experts, Kappture builds the point of sale systems trusted by large event organisers and demanding businesses worldwide.

Powerful, reliable systems

The event industry cannot suffer failure. Trading for limited periods during the year, every hour matters. Our systems are tried and tested, strong and reliable.

Security first

Joining the industry fairly late in 2012, Kappture had the hindsight to build security first systems.

We have always been PCI compliant, we have regular security audits and our systems are secure from the ground up.

Experienced installation crew

We do this day in, day out. There's nothing we haven't come across before.

Support you can rely on

Per-event and pay as you go options, fully managed services and pre-event health checks.

Industry leading transaction times

Lightning fast user interface built by an experienced UX designer. Absolute minimum key presses.

Technology leaders

Led by a strong technical team we are no copy-cats. Our systems constantly push the boundaries of the industry. Like this!


Million orders processed


£Million customer revenue

Some of our

Sports & leisure clients

Some of our

Business & industry clients


Education clients

What we do

Specialising in large deployments with high transaction volume, our systems are resilient, secure and designed to be installed in minutes.


EPOS evolved

Cutting-edge point of sale system plus much, much more.

  • Modern lightning fast user interface your workforce will love.
  • Industry leading transaction times.
  • 15+ European bank integrations.
  • Built-in training videos. No need for costly training sessions.
  • Windows, Linux or Android. You decide.
  • All the features you require to run a quality bar or table service.

Next-generation hardware

Cut your carbon footprint, reduce energy costs and minimise IT overhead with the Kappture embedded point of sale terminal.

Kappture K1

6 watts

Windows Generic 1

42 watts

Windows Generic 2

34 watts

Windows Generic 3

18 watts

Customer ordering

Add speed and pace to your checkouts, reduce queues and give your customers a better experience - all through easy-to-use kiosks, self-checkouts and pre-ordering apps and services.

With a feature-rich user interface and simple touch selection process from start to finish, Kappture will change the customer payment journey in to a quick and easy experience.

Order management

Improve your kitchen efficiency with our rich kitchen management system.

View and interact with orders coming into the kitchen and keep your customers updated on the progress of their order.


Stock management

The supply and availability of stock is critical to any catering operation. Integration with the point of sale enables real-time stock monitoring during trading and identifies availability issues.

Management tools allow you to order stock, manage movements and review financial data to provide reliable inventory figures and ensure stock is in the right place at the right time.

Cash management

In a busy cash-handling environment, our cash management tools provide audits and improve cash flow monitoring.

A comprehensive set of recording, monitoring and reporting tools provide real-time cash activity information to reduce the risk of losses and theft, and identify risk early.



Vending plays a key role in providing refreshments and snacks to the workforce at a low cost to the company.

Connecting Kappture to your machines allows you to centrally monitor sales across your estate, whilst giving you real-time sales analytics.

Whether it’s coffee or confectionary, Kappture can enhance the data you receive whilst adding contactless, card, and loyalty payments to your offer.


Love your customers, love our apps. The relationship doesn't have to stop at the point of sale... that's where it begins.

With our customisable app framework and a continuous development programme, Kappture is deploying stadia, restaurant, hospitality and venue solutions.



What's the best way to say we love to see our clients cashless? Maybe it's the total accountability of transactions or the accuracy of the balance sheet. It could be reduced banking and staff costs associated with cash or the increase in profit. Whichever way we say it, less cash = more money. Let's go cashless!

  • EMV (Visa, Mastercard, ...).
  • Kappture top-up.
  • Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay.


Real-time analytics and interactive Business Intelligence (BI) will really excite your business. Customisable reports, pivot tables and slicers are just a few of our analytics features.

Whether running from a PC dashboard or live on-the-go via tablet or smartphone, Kappture’s innovative live reporting and system architecture will re-invent the potential of your sales and marketing possibilities.


Loyalty & promotions


Create real-time promotions and send them directly to your customers smartphones. Meal deals, buy (x) get (y) free, discounts and many more are available. With in-depth back office analysis, see what works and what doesn't.


Customers love to get something for spending their money with you time and time again. Our loyalty module makes this easy to set up and seamlessly links to the EPOS and vending systems. No need for cards, customers can use their phones.


Whether you need managed meal packages for students or a daily subsidy for staff feeding, allowances can be configured to match your exact requirements. Configuration options include times, locations, and products or product group restrictions.



Reward your customers and encourage repeat visits and loyalty. Create schemes based on number of visits, volume of spend and much more. Customers can interactively see their progress on their digital stamp card in the Kappture app.


Do you know what your customers really think? The feedback module allows customers to easily complete a questionnaire directly on their smartphone and rewards them for completing it with a promotional voucher, encouraging repeat visits.


Powerful analysis of the data you have collected is essential. Using the power of Microsoft Excel, data can be pivoted and viewed in any format and at any level you require. From high-level brand overview to line-by-line detail, it's all available at the click of a button.


You don't have to take our word for it...